Saif Ali

Hi I'm Saif Ali

I am an entrepreneur, doer and a hardcore coder.

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About Me

I call myself a doer. I learn and refine myself through doing. An entrepreneur by birth. I constantly break things just to see what's inside and then make it back from scratch. Curious about Science & Computers and believe in dreaming big because "What can't be dreamt, can't become a reality."

Business Planning
Marketing & Branding
Productivity & Leadership
Problem Solving
Computer Graphics
Computer Security

What I'm Upto

Co-founder & CEO/CTO

MedMee is my second venture, which I found to digitize the healthcare industry and to reduce Medication Errors to a minimal, which kills millions worldwide. We are utilizing Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning (Deep Learning) to achieve this by incorporating a Digital Personal Assistant "Casey", a virtual nurse to give you best possible care and digital nursing. Get in touch with us here.

Making world a healthier place, because healthier is better.


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